Holiday Care

We offer holiday care for children between the ages of 4 and 8 during the school holidays. The supervision  takes place during the 2nd holiday week of the city of Zurich. For care in the first school holiday week, we are happy to advise you on other options.

Herbstferien: 14. bis 18 Oktober 2019
Weihnachtsferien: closed for the holidays
Sportferien: 17. bis 21. Februar 2020
Frühlingsferien: 21. April bis 24. Mai 220
Sommerferien Woche I: 13. Juli bis 17 Juli 2020

85.- per day for children registered in the Dorfschule 21
95.- per day for children attending other schools

The cost includes:

  • care from Monday,Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 8.15 bis 17.45
  • daily morning /afternoon snack and lunch