About us
About us
About us

Our Concept


Our Village School - the Dorfschule 21, is a place where children can enjoy life and learning in a setting which suits their needs as they grow and emerge into the world. At every age free learning, play and social interaction remain important building blocks for further development. Our familiar and motivating environment supports them and the born need for love (attachment), autonomy and security - it is within these parameters they are able to develop key traits essential for achieving success.


Each child brings with it different basic skills, abilities and characteristics and every day opens new possibilities to explore in their unique way and at their own pace. We fully support this individual learning process by allowing them the time to become capable and competent in their interests. The children choose their activities on their own initiative - using play as an avenue in which to test their reality. There is space to move freely or to concentrate in peace and quiet.


We are constantly broadening, supplementing and adapting our school according to the interests and needs of the children. Our staff serve as role models for active exploration, discovery and expand horizons through dialogue as we accompany the children on the way to becoming independent adults and valuable contributors to society, who have found a life-long pleasure in learning.