Genevieve Camenisch
Genevieve Camenisch is a classically trained musician and has worked in pedagogy for twenty years. The Dorfschule 21 is a result of her involvement in working with children of all ages, her experience in project leadership and her education as a school principal at the Pädagogische Hochschule Zürich (Certificate of advanced Studies). Self-directed learning is a core concept in her work with children and their ongoing success and organic development remain key elements that confirm this working method.

Genevieve Camenisch grew up in the United States and has lived in Switzerland since 2001. She lives with her husband and two children in Zürich.
Christa Näf
When I am working with children it is important for me to give them the time they need for themselves and their interests. I enjoy accompanying and supporting them in their intellectual and personal development. Curiosity keeps me interested in discovering new things for myself, gathering more experience and learning more every day – with this motivation, I strive to work with children in the same manner. I offer the children the chance to make new experiences, come into to contact with materials which expand their horizons, and invite them to enjoy the learning process. I am looking forward to meet the children of the Dorfschule 21 and get to know their characters, talents and stories they bring with them.
Nadja Treichler
It is WONDERful to see how children develop - from birth they are constantly learning. They are motivated from the inside out, fascinated, full of passion and always playing. Each child has an own tempo in which it learns, own priorities, preferences and strengths. It is important to me that each child keeps his desire to learn in every stage of life. I enjoy accompanying children on their path to adulthood and trust in their competence to learn. I respect each individual process, give them the time they need to develop and reach their potential. Playing and learning are one in the same. „Have patience to understand my ways”, is my favorite quote from Maria Montessori – it serves as my motto in daily life.

I have worked as a kindergarten teacher since 1999 and have now furthered my education to become qualified elementary teacher. I am also a mother to my wonderful 7 year old son.

All members of our teaching and administrative staff are certified by the Swiss Board of Education. They have experience working in the public school system, furthered their own education and have chosen to be part of the Dorfschule 21 for pedagogical reasons.